The International Literacy Association (ILA) Annual Conference

The International Reading Association (now called the International Literacy Association) previously held its annual conference every spring until, beginning in July 2015, the conference was held in the summer. Every year, thousands of educators from around the world submit presentation proposals to the conference. Each proposal is then evaluated and blind scored by three separate reviewers. A proposal is accepted only if it receives a high cumulative score as set by the IRA Conference Committee. This competitive and rigorous process helps ensure that all presentations meet high standards.

Ms. Athans has prepared and submitted proposals to the IRA Conference on behalf of herself and her colleagues since 2007 and has been invited to present every year. Many of her sessions attract hundreds of attendees from across the nation.


“I was fortunate enough to attend your workshop at the International Reading Association (IRA) Conference and have been recommending your book ever since! The teachers I work with find the Read-Along Guides to be clear, specific, and helpful. The process clears up all confusion and directs both teacher-led and independent instruction to be extremely productive.”

Dr. Sandra Doran, The Teacher Track,
Apopka, Florida

“Wow! You are really committed. I have been to presentations before where a speaker says they would love to help, and then doesn’t. You really care. I have been using the Guides in small group with a team of third-grade teachers. We are enjoying the collaborative process taking place due to the Guides. We have also begun making changes to adjust the Guides to our basal reader. The children seem to enjoy and are REALLY talking about their reading! Thank you for caring and sharing.”

Kelli Moles, Literacy Specialist,
The Academy at Robinson, Akron Public Schools,
Akron, Ohio

“It was such a pleasure to attend your session at IRA on Quality Comprehension using Read-Along Guides. I felt energized and ready to prepare for next school year. I purchased your book and have been reading it since the conference. I am ready to create my first Guide! Thanks again for sharing your strategies.”

Danielle Babineaux, Elementary Instructional Coach,
Ossun Elementary School, Lafayette, Louisiana