Fun-tastic Activities to Differentiate Reading Comprehension Instruction

(Make & Take Sessions also available)

Fun-tastic Activities to Differentiate Comprehension Instruction, Grades 2 – 6.

baffledTeachers know how essential student ‘buy-in’ is for instructional effectiveness; It’s not enough to merely have students participate in the classroom activities you select – you need to get them to want to participate. In this fun-tertaining workshop, participants explore how to supplement their reading instruction through the use of fun-tastic literacy activities that help them:
• Address students’ different learning styles.
• Blend traditional methods of instruction with newer technologies for learning.
• Encourage students’ unique interpretation of activities.
• Support each student’s individuality.
• Celebrate success for all students despite the range in their skill and abilities.

Participants also uncover specific ways to help students build background knowledge, expand their word and vocabulary skills, develop fluency, and strengthen their use of well-known comprehension strategies. Designed specifically for the intermediate-level learner, the fun-tastic activities purposefully align with your standards-based curriculum and enable you to precision-direct your instruction according to each student’s individual needs.

Make & Share Sessions: In these hands-on sessions, teachers are directed in creating their own fun-tastic literacy activities that align with their instruction and their classroom learning objectives. Guidance in preparing activities that meet each student’s needs and represent a good “mix” of learning styles is provided.