More Bang for Your Buck! How to Maximize Close Reading Instruction in Your Crazy-Busy Elementary Classroom!

morebangforbuckkidsreadTrying to implement all of your district’s well-intentioned instructional initiatives can seem down-right impossible! The Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Response to Intervention WIN time (RTI), Professional Learning Communities (PLC), Project Based Learning (PBL), and even the new Social Studies Framework are some of the practices, requirements, or initiatives that dominate the “must-do-now” spotlight in today’s elementary classrooms.  Blown about like a whirl-a-jig in a wind storm, today’s savvy elementary teacher must devise ways to keep classroom practice grounded and current in order to deliver productive, efficient, and effective instruction so all students can succeed! This session looks at strategic tips, tricks, tools and techniques to deliver masterful close-reading instruction while also maximizing its use to supplement, strengthen, and/or coordinate gainfully with other classroom practice.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to:

• Reteach skills, provide opportunity for repeated practice, and devise ways to extend student mastery of reading skill instruction through a unique approach to differentiated instruction.

• Integrate high-interest research and action-based projects for students to complete within themed units of ELA instruction.

• Incorporate the use informational documents, historical text passages, and varied-genre resources to build reading, writing, and social studies skills.

Collaborate efficiently with library media specialists, grade-level teacher colleagues, and literacy specialists and others to maximize student growth and skill development.

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