Nitty Gritty Strategies for Effective Close Reading Instruction

nittygrittyClose Reading is a method of reading slowly, carefully, and deeply so students can understand the full meaning of a text as the author intended. Close Reading relies on texts that are rich, challenging, and complex. As students read closely, they uncover the meaning of new vocabulary words, break apart complex text structures, and study an author’s use of technique.

This workshop will enable teachers to:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of close reading and the ways in which it supports the CCSS
  • Develop classroom routines and strategies for delivering masterful close reading instruction for informational and literary texts
  • Break apart, analyze, and address the challenges of complex text
  • Determine how best to scaffold students in meeting complex text challenges independently including evidence-building practices
  • Implement close reading across grade levels, within content area, and across a variety of literary and informational genres

Additionally, teachers will explore fun & student-friendly activities to introduce close reading into their classrooms.

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