Revisit and Rigor-Up Your Author Visits….From the Top of the World…Down!

Special Local PD Workshop Sessions

Grab hold of this unique opportunity to work closely with local children’s author (and practicing classroom teacher) Sandra K. Athans as she shares fun-tastic ideas to rigor-up author visits using her new children’s books Tales from the Top of the World and Secrets of the Sky Caves. The first book documents her brother’s successful summits of Mt. Everest – seven in all – through stunning photographs and high-interest reading passages! The second recounts the adventures of an international team of scientists and mountain climbers as they explore secret caves that haven’t been visited for thousands of years!

sandraspeakingStudents in grades 4 – 8, will be held spellbound by the book and its many features including:

  • Nonfiction accounts of survival, rescue, and adventure!
    • Scientific exploration into difficult-to-access caves hand-carved into crumbling cliffs
    • Informative quick-reads on the geography of the Himalaya, the Sherpa people, the mountain’s history, and the science of high-altitude climbing
    • Facts and fiction surrounding the Yeti and other mountain mysteries
    • Interviews with Pete Athans (a.k.a. Mr. Everest) and inspirational insights on his rise from an average kid to a world-class mountaineer
    • Secrets of long ago revealed through cave finds including mummies, murals & manuscripts
    • And More!

    About Tales from the Top of the World: “A solid introduction to the world’s highest mountain has a you-are-there feel….A smart, inclusive and evocative account of a mountain, its character and its past.” — Kirkus ReviewAbout Secrets of the Sky Caves:“The book will enlighten young readers to one of the most fascinating explorations and discoveries happening today….This well-executed narrative envelopes readers in a captivating tale of true mystery and adventure.” — Starred. School Library Journal. Nominated as a 2015 Outstanding Science Trade Book. Honor Book for the 2015 South Asia Book Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature.